Sunday, May 3

Vege garden update - Week 5

Well this week has been a bit of woulda-shoulda-coulda week in our vege garden.. nothing but a few waterings but lots of preparation for the weeks ahead.
Woulda planted a whole lot of stuff had we had the chicken wire (bought this afternoon yay!)
Shoulda weeded - hmm need to wait for our next stretch of dry days, forecasted for a week or so away.. hopefully it won't be that far away.
Coulda got organised earlier today or even yesterday but we had a lazy weekend - not a usual occurrence for us so I won't be too hard on us!

So what HAS happened this week? Well growth of course! The marigolds are now all blooming now so it's beautiful with the spattering of yellow all over. A lot of our veges are starting to grow taller than our chicken wire, so we need to lift it and add to it.. that's a two person job so hopefuly hubby will be home early one day this week and we can tackle it together.

I love this plot - minimal weeds (as opposed to the cabbages/cauli's/broccoli plot!) and everything's really healthy - the peas and beans have peeped above the chicken wire though!
Here iare the cabbages and broccoli, about 20cm high now.

Chillis have coped with the transplant really well, the onions have been 'Dougalled' but should recover (with the chicken wire of course!)

Some seedlings we have picked up:
Cos Lettuce
More Marigold (for lettuce!)
and some various herbs - overflow from our herb garden - thai basil, continental parsley

They will be in next weekend. Looking forward to it, then we will have completed our plantings for Autumn.

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Krys on May 3, 2009 at 6:38 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Ohh Liss is looking really good! At least yours haven't been chooked like mine got, AGAIN.TODAY!!!


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