Sunday, May 17

Vege garden update - Week 7

Well things are a-sprouting here!

Big news is the beans have started to flower and sprout! Yay! They are peeping and wrapping themselves over the chicken wire - all they need to do is grow and fatten up and we're in business!
Look how tall the sugar peas are getting ! About just over a foot high.. big climbers!
And the cauliflower too - look at this little baby! Only about the size of a 50c piece at the moment but will grow every day. Also hubby transplanted some herbs both from the windowsill and from our farmgate haul yesterday - purple basil (windowsill) and chives, curly and italian parsley and dill.
Hubby has also spent this afternoon whilst I was making jam and pickles, fertilising and then mulching with straw.

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