Sunday, June 7

Association by colour

My girls have favourite colours - for ages Olivia's was yellow, now she's a staunch pink girl with a bit of red sometimes when there's no pink to choose from. Laura's always been green, green green but she's generally accepting of any colour - Eloise went from red to pink and now to blue.

Olivia though - there are tears at times if she doesn't get her right bowl, right plate, right fork,spoon, shirt, socks - you name it.

Now with twin girls I could have easily ended up pink/purple saga - as many girls twins are - but we do wear a variety of clothes at least and it hasn't gone that far luckily and this week I have made a conscious effort to mix up the plates/bowls etc - (Is there anyone who doesn't have Ikea Kalas sets? I have two of every set - plates/bowls/cups/cutlery) and I think I might be breaking the habit, however I don't think Olivia will take it well if someone else has pink and she doesn't. I'll have to see what happens there - you may well see it on the news yourself.
Is there a colour association/assignment at your house or it it just mine?

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Alycia on June 7, 2009 at 3:51 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I remember having colour association/assignment when we were children. I was always green, brother always blue, sister always red, yellow or orange. Always! Is funny how kids get so caught up on such things!


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