Sunday, June 7

The blues..

I have the blues at the moment, can't pin-point why exactly, just probably lack of sleep mixed with everyday worries. Might be I haven't had any time to myself for a while... don't know really...just a blue day.

My usual remedy is to eat chocolate. Chocolate does it for me, but I'm on a health-kick so no chocolate for me. (That in itself could be enough reason to cry!) Maybe a nice long hot shower and a cathartic cry - followed up by warm trackies and a hot skim-milk milo. Yes, that might just do the trick. Gilmore girls Marathon.. yes. I have found my remedy. Happy Sunday all!

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2 lovely comments:

bugmum on June 7, 2009 at 7:39 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Hope you're feeling a little less blue by the time you read this, Liss...xox

Chantelle on June 8, 2009 at 6:23 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Oh Liss.

I have moments like that too... but when I wake up the next (after a good sleep) a feel a million times better.

I hope that's the case with you too. x


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