Friday, June 26

FrillyFrugalFriday: Getting the hang of this..

Yes, I've had a pretty good week.

1. I've stuck to my meal plan - actually last night made dinner and then my parents took us out for dinner, so I have an extra meal in the freezer now!
2. I joined Simple Savings - already implementing some of the great ideas and tips from there - there's literally thousands...!
3. No using the dryer - and we've had a few sunny days so I'm in maintenance rather than catch-up mode.
4. Started using cleaning mits for dusting and cleaning windows/glass - this will save a lot in paper towels and chemicals! Super easy and effective too!
5. I have accumulated $20 in a wish card from doing online surveys - have decided to save this for my birthday for some yummy treats.

I have over-spent this week but I see it mainly to save money down the track:
I got 3 loaves of NobleRise wholemeal bread for $5.97 - that's next weeks' bread that would usually cost me $9.00
I have been doing a bit more baking than usual - so needed to stock up on flour and sugar and butter.

Base $139.28

20/6 Woolworths $24.05 (5.97 is staples for next week on special)
20/6 Fruit Market $10.98
23/6 IGA $30.70 ($25.10 of this is staples for 2 months purchased on sale and in bulk)
23/6 Forestway Fresh $18.03

Total: $223.04 =$24.00 over budget.

I'm not going to beat myself up - we've had no entertainment budget this week and I know next week will be better on the ol' budget. Nothing is going to waste food-wise and that's my main concern.

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