Thursday, June 4

Laura-isms of late

Laura is complex little character.. on the surface she's a happy-go-lucky little monkey but her personality is so so much more.

She's a prankster. Already - will regularly set up her sisters in practical jokes - swapping plates at the dinner table when back is turned, hiding in wardrobes and surprising (i.e. scaring the living crap out of) us...
Lately she's been talking about her baby sister Charlotte.. mostly when she's upset about something but sometimes not. Baby sister Charlotte is her imaginary friend. Olivia thinks she should be called Soren (like Soren Lorensen - Lola's imaginary friend on Charlie and Lola)

Laura's currency in the moment is about best, best friends. If she's upset - you're not her best, best friend anymore... if she wants to pay you a compliment, you're her best best friend. It's cute but frustrating at times.

She's got a killer cackle. She, unlike her siblings, doesn't have the same colour hair as Mummy or Daddy so she always talks about her (my) auntie Lyn who has the same colour hair and who she is going to live with when she grows up (can't wait to tell her about that!)
Lately she's coming out with hilarious stuff... on Monday she was a little jealous that it wasn't her birthday and was coming down from a sugar-high of the day before (party) and was in a bit of a grumpy mood.

'Laura, where's my happy girl?'
'She's gone on a plane, far far away, and she's not coming back'.
'Okaaaay' I say.
'Mummy, we are so lucky. You clean up our mess all the time'
Nice to be appreciated I suppose!

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Katy on June 4, 2009 at 8:44 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

She is such a beautiful little girl Liss!


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