Monday, June 1

My baby...

My first baby, my chubbabubba is five today.

I just can't believe it really - those five years have been chock-full of self discovery, just not on her part, on mine. Your first baby teaches you so much. In losing yourself somewhat you find yourself. You become selfless and love it. (Ok some of time you resent it but you wouldn't change it!)

I remember staring at Eloise after she was born and thinking 'I cannot believe we made you' 'I helped make another person'. The miracle in that is enormous.

Eloise was an amazing baby. Textbook baby. Although not willing to breastfeed, she was a champion eater, slept through from 9 weeks and never got sick until she was about 22 months - when her sisters had arrived.

As a baby she had a crooked smile, a cackle of a giggle, and mischievous nature. None of those things have changed although you have to catch her in a laugh to get her crooked smile but her trademark dimples have not gone with her chubbabubba status thank goodness. I do miss those roly-poly thighs of hers, you would never guess it now she has no bum, amazing because she LOVES to eat!
Favourite food: pasta, sausages
Favourite toy: Barbies, Dolly, Reading books, Drawing, Writing
Favourite word of the moment: Ridiculous (this was because I told her rolling up her corduroy jeans looked ridiculous - but she did pronounce it rid-ick-lee-us at first!)
Favourite TV Show: Kerwizz, WordWorld, Charlie and Lola
Favourite Book: Guess How Much I Love You
Just in the past year she has grown up so much. Now writing her name, counting in the 100's and whistling, clicking fingers and asking life's hard questions like 'how do babies get in your tummy?' and 'What is God?'... she moved back into a room on her own and is now starting to read. Loooves numbers and spelling, I think a natural academic is on her way.

I know people are always saying 'they grow up so quickly' oh it's so true. Before Eloise's next birthday she will start big school and grow up even more than she has in the past year. I sometimes feel sad that she's not a baby anymore but mostly I feel joy, priviledge, and pride watching her grow and develop.

She is part of my heart. Happy Birthday my angel.

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carly_grace on June 1, 2009 at 8:19 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

happy birthday! i remember being 5! oh and my mummy used to call me her chubbabubba too! hehe


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