Friday, June 26

My first..

Can't believe Michael Jackson has passed away. Seems a bit surreal?

At the tender age of almost thirteen, I was the proud owner of the Thriller Album (and then bought the Off the Wall album too!) and had one of these poster adorning my walls. (below)

I had begged my parents to buy it for me at the Royal Easter Show. So that would have been March/April 1984 - Michael Jackson was my first Pop Idol.

The first video I ever hired from the video shop (and yes, it WAS a video - no DVDs and it was VHS not Beta hehe) was Thriller - extended version around the same time or slightly after.

50 years is not old. But he lived a pretty extraordinary life. So sad really, what happens to his kids? Will Debbie Rowe have any access to the two children she mothered to him?

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