Thursday, June 11

RealityBites: Disasters and surprises

Masterclass was fun this week. I do make my own pasta so it's nice to see how the pro's do it.

Crochenbuche Catastrophes! 2.5 hours for a full crochenbuche with spun sugar? You must be kidding I was thinking and I'm sure uttering to myself. That seriously was (excuse the pun) a tall order there. My Mum made a crochenbuche for my Aunt's wedding cake some 25 years ago and I reckon she put so much toffee on it to stop it toppling over (and kept topping it up when it started to wilt!) that I'm sure there was no more sugar at the supermarket and a couple of wedding guests probably broke their teeth! It's not easy to make - It's burned into my brain for life! Anyhow, so glad that Chris and Julie were spared - I didn't think that Tom or Poh were serious finalist contenders so whichever of them went I was unphased.
Seeing Lucas win the Celebrity Cook-off was a surprise, think it surprised Ben too - I think his ego was a little shamed. He'll get over it, but I bet his mates at the pub have fun ribbing him about it.

Annie still peeves me - selfish and conceited. So glad she got the boot. If I had to see her go shopping one more time (and consequently get lost) I might just change the channel! Surprised Chontelle is still on the show to be honest, I think she'll be next to go.
Love the boys really - they rock.. Favourite room of the week? Jason's bathroom. Would need to do up the garden first before gazing out the bifold doors with a glass of champers in the bubblebath...

Trainwreck Cassie is still on schedule. What a tosser -"So when are you giving up smoking?" the media asks.. "Um, now" Liar liar pants on fire! Lola - well not really a surprise, but seriously Cassie has to be next - she's like a cat with 9 lives - no make than 10.
Gosh Tahnee was breath-taking in the trampoline shoot. I knew those photos were going to be amazing even before the elimination. Clare needs to try hard to reach the same level Tahnee seems to achieve naturally. I think those two with Adele will be in the final three.

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