Wednesday, June 3

Share and share alike..

I'm just loving the Make it from Scratch carnival... I get weekly inspirations from it.

This week I shared the LollyGobbleBlissBomb Recipe but it might be lost on the mostly American audience that don't have them - us Aussies have to convince them how yummy they are - next I'll be on to the Vegemite scrolls - what do you think? Can you get Vegemite in the USA?
Those of you on WeightWatchers or just basically trying to avoid winter bulk - you may want to try out the Zero Point Soup

There's also a recipe there to make your own mozzarella cheese - I really have been meaning to make mine as I've bought a kit - this gives me extra inspiration as it has pictures and everything!

There's lots of others for the cookers and crafters - check it out!

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Better Homemaking Network on June 3, 2009 at 10:21 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I haven't found vegemite in the US yet; we ordered ours from the internet. I'd be happy to see your recipe; right now the vegemite sits in my fridge except when making pot roasts and beef stew!
- Pyrrh


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