Monday, July 20

How much do you take credit for?

I notice little nuances my girls have inherited from me or my hubby all the time.

Olivia's need to put things back where they belong (ahem me)
Laura's laugh (cackle) and hate of being tickled (ahem me)
Eloise's thirst for learning. (ahem me)

When your child/ren achieve or do something cute are you quick to jump in and make comparisons to yourself?

But what about the negative aspects?  The stubborn bloody-natured streak, the fat ankles, learning difficulties.. are you quick to own up to those?  Of course our children are individuals and possess traits nothing like either of us, but do you think your child or childrens' negative traits are more to do with your partner or yourself?

Does it make you despair/laugh?

Eloise and hubby are clashing a lot lately because they are so much alike.  Both need to be right.  I see this as being an issue as time goes on, not sure how to deal with it, giving it a bit of thought on how to handle it.  Eloise is so headstrong. 

Olivia on the other hand is much more like me, she take things to heart, though puts on a brave face.  Things hurt her feelings in a deep way.  I don't want to be more 'lenient' but I do take this into consideration.  She is seldom 'naughty' though - just more tenacious - and yes - like me.

Laura is our little wild-card-child.. She's going to do my head in!!  One thing is that she's got a wicked sense of humour, at least we'll be laughing all the way..

Better the devil you know?
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Bethwyn on July 20, 2009 at 12:32 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I've never actually thought about this, to be honest. I'm trying to sit here and think about certain aspects about Bailey's personality that come from either me or fiance, and I can't really think of anything. He looks like a carbon copy of his daddy (with my eyes), but I'm not sure personality/character traits-wise. I'll have to think about that!

My Dad on the other hand, everything that my kids do that is naughty he is very quick to tell me it's payback and that I did the exact same things to him, so maybe his naughty streak comes from me?


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