Friday, July 31

How you doing?

With these sunny mild days we've been having I'm really looking forward to spring and spending more time outside.
We were the broken house last week - within 24 hours the remaining 2 slots of our 4 slice toaster bit the dust and our microwave konked.  So we spent the weekend purchasing replacements plus a new heater given our one broke about a month ago and our main living area was being heated by a 3 column heater.. eek...  We also moved up our carseats to the next size as our tall girls have grown out of them and I'm pretty sure they're illegal.   Luckily we've been able to recoup most of the cost by selling the old ones.  Hoorah.
Is everyone thinking about how to make a meal from the contents of the pantry - the first waste-not-want-not challenge?  I'll be doing some over the weekend, can't wait to share them with you!  Also would love a suggestion for Challenge 2- email me or post a comment!

Cooks and crafters - don't forget that the Make-it-from-scratch carnival is here next Tuesday - if you don't want to participate, that's fine - come back and get some inspiration!  There's some really inspiring stuff in it this week.. if you do want to contribute go to the carnival website here by Sunday night...

Hope your weekend has a short-to-do list and lots of fun or nothing planned!
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