Thursday, July 23

Me likey.

I'm a nut for kitchenware.  If you ask most people who've been to my house I have enough if not too much but I still love it.  So scouring the net - I've found a few things that I love, and you might love too.

Scoop and Sift - I have a tupperware sifter so I don't think I could manage to sneak this in, but it's beautiful no?  If you don't have a sifter I might be able to live vicariously through you?

$24.95 and has a 25 year warranty
Top shelf dishwasher safe
From Wheel and Barrow

Also from Wheel and Barrow this cute lunch bag would be perfect for containing snacks for daytrips with my brood.  Beautiful and reasonable $14.95

Whilst I'm on the cup-cake fetish - I bought these today from Alfresco Emporium (Happy Flower ones)
They wrap around your cupcakes and give them that little bit of flair $14.95 for 12 - a bit on the extravagant side but I have a plan for them! 

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Gorgeous goodies!! Love those cupcake wraps :)


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