Thursday, July 2

Reality Bites: Pointy End

Masterchef: Good week - loved the dream menu episode - definitely my highlight. That pigs' head of Chris' looked amazing. I really am starting to think he's the forerunner with Julia.. and Julie. Andre, he might be the dark horse but meh, can't he go home already? He whiffs of wanker.

Yay to Justine being back! Yay, Sam might be going!

HomeMade: A bit of a meh week again - but next week will be great. I'll just hang out for that - got my poms poms at the ready for Jason.
Australia's next Model - Well Jo sums it up nicely but I'm still at a total falooking loss why Cassie wasn't bumped and why she's in the Top 2. So- she has potential to be an international model - send her on her way then! Don't send her with the 'this is the best we've got' stamp on her because that's doing the rest of the girls and industry and disservice. Sarah was pretty upfront by saying she'd been lied to by Cassie and was dubious whether Cassie was just 'performing'.. uh DUH. Of course she is. Bye Clare - I think you ARE going to be successful at whatever it is you aspire. Go Tahnee!

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PinkPatentMaryJanes on July 2, 2009 at 10:47 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I'm understanding why they've kept Cassie in - she will be huge - and obviously, huge success associated with ANTM-branding can only be good. However, do we want a Kate Moss/Naomi Campbell style model representing us or do we prefer the Megan Gale/Miranda Kerr success? I reckon the latter - please. Go Tahnee you gorgeous creature you!

Oh, and tonight on MasterChef - surely Sam has to say goodbye. And I totally want some pig cheek... And remember Andre right at the start? Total wanker, but he's suppressed it beautifully until now.


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