Thursday, July 9

Reality Bites - Thank GOODNESS.

Thank goodness #1 - Tahnee won Australia's Next Top Model.  I really don't think I would have coped had Cassi won - it bought home the message to her - she has the potential but nobody falls for her crap!!  Lovely that Claire won most popular model too.   My jaw dropped when Charlotte Dawson's speech about Cassi giving her prize money to her 'fiance' and becoming a no-hoper in Sunbury.  I think that's either going to be a) deadly accurate or b)Be the wake up call.
Thank goodness #2 - Jason won HomeMade.   Fantastic although it was close!  I didn't like either of the kids' rooms to be honest - but I did love the bathrooms. 
Thank goodness #3 - Sam left Masterchef.  About bloody time.  Now if snotty Andre would be elmiinated and Poh could take a return trip home again I'll be happy.   Gee Whizz - Julie's going to go home with some serious scars with the number of times she has burned and cut herself!! Has anyone else noticed this?

Thank goodness #4 - Project Runway has started and wow, isn't there some shockers there?  Amber - what the HECK was that?  Looked like someone vomited up a Choose Life T-shirt and matching fluro shocks and tube skirt!  I like Williams' and Michaels' dresses this week.  I hope I grow to like this lot like that last lot - can't stand a few already (Ivana smacks of wanker for example) and some of the design aesthetic like Yopie and Ivana I just didn't 'get'.  Early days.

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