Saturday, July 25

SnapHappySaturday: Red-polka-dot-bikini

I must be wishing for summer weather again, this time last year I took the girls (solo!) up to Cairns to visit with my parents. The weather was amazing. It's lovely up there this time of the year. Whilst looking at the pics I came across this one, of my Dad and Laura, just having a quiet moment at Muddies playground. I love this pic. I've photoshopped it to make it black and white apart from the red-polka-dot-bikini. Here little hand on Dads' lap... I love it.

Muddies is a great water playground, provided free by the council, it's on the esplanade near Cairns Base Hospital and also has play equipment and a cafe attached to it, a must for toddlers plus, it has areas specifically fenced and arranged for each age range.
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