Sunday, July 26


I made a discovery yesterday at Spotlight - the quilting section. Even though I'm not a quilter and I don't see that changing there are some beautiful fabrics! I picked up a lovely rosey pink and red rose on aqua background and some other fabric with the same aqua background (pictured!) and also some red sheeting. What am I doing with it? I'm making Eloise a new duvet cover.

Eloise's room is currently pink and white gingham with sky blue touches but it's kind of a 'little girl' room and whilst she is five, I'd like her room to take a more contemporary feel and less 'baby' if that makes sense. I plan on using some of the aqua/rose fabric to make scatter cushions and a canvas also. I'm also going to add trim to the new rose curtains I bought for a bargain $20!

I need to add some new handles to her draws and wardrobe and probably update the trim too - currently its red and sky blue. I might see if I can get away with it but if not I will change it.... and also cover her lampshade.

I'll keep you updated!
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Danie on July 27, 2009 at 1:29 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Sounds gorgeous :) I discovered the quilting section at Spotlight before xmas when I made a bag for a certain little miss!


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