Wednesday, July 1


Chalk it up to a good idea
I learned from Shannon Lush that tying 6 sticks of chalk together with ribbon and hang over a coat hanger to get rid of damp in your wardrobe - I've adapted this for my laundry which is a bit damp - and I had sidewalk chalk - how cheap and effective is that? She recommends you the chalk in the sunshine for a couple of hours a week to keep it dry...! So it's perceivable to have 2 on the go and rotate them.

Be daggy in style
I bought these gorgeous house socks yesterday - they are bonds, look like Mary-janes (mine are a little different to this - are t-bars) and oh so soft and comfy! Also have non-slip soles - with so many of us with slate/tiles/floorboards these days - godsend. Should have bought a few pairs in hindsight! $8 from TSL

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Bethwyn on July 2, 2009 at 9:56 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I've never heard that about the chalk! Might have to try that!

We have those bonds slippers too, except the boys ones are more like socks and never stay on their feet.


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