Monday, August 3

Extra tomatoes? Try my italian base sauce! Yum.

I love tomatoes - I could eat them raw, cooked, roasted.. they truly are the most beautiful fruit.  In summer when they are in season I go through kilos and kilos of them.  People who grow them (like me!) often end up with kilos and kilos of them ripening at the same time too.

Those of you who don't have a vegetable garden - ask your greengrocer for 'cooking tomatoes' they will be the over-ripe or bruised tomatoes they take off the shelves - at my farm I get them for 50c a kilo - sometimes they give me an enormous bag for $1.50 depending on how many they have...

Sadly, being winter here, there are no tomatoes in my garden as yet and they aren't in season so tend to be a little on the more expensive side around $3-4 a kilo.   Last weekend at our local supermarket they were $1.55 a kilo so I bought 6 kilos. 

Now this sauce is super easy - a novice can do it.  This a great base sauce for chicken parmigana (pour over crumbed chicken and cover with mozzarella and tasty cheese), bolognaise (add to cooked diced onion, browned beef mince and add some tomato paste for good measure, arrabiata sauce (just add chilli and tomato sauce) .  My lasagne is made with the bolognaise but without the tomato paste.

So - what do you do?  Easy.

Preheat your oven to 180 deg c
Lay out your tomatoes stalk up on a baking tray sprayed with canola oil, spray a little on top when your done.

Put in oven and bake for about 30-40 mins - they should look like below when they come out

Let cool for about 2 hours.
Peel (they come off super easy and I must say I find this really therapeudic!) and put into your stockpot

To my 6 kgs I added equiv 4 cloves garlic, 10 large basil leaves (1.5tb dried) and 2 stalks of oregano (1 tb dried), 2 stalks chopped continental parsley and 1 cup of red wine (I like Merlot or Cab Sav)

Simmer on the hob for approx 2 hours, stirring.  If it seems to runny, add tomato paste to thicken.
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Do you then freeze it in smaller quantities?


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