Friday, August 7

FrillyFrugalFriday: Getting back on track

I wouldn't say I've gone off the rails - but I haven't been tracking the expenses (bad!)  I do know thereabouts what we spend now so we're less likely to 'splash out' or eat out. 

We've bought some big ticket items recently with the tax return... for things we need and basically things that will save us money in the long term - Gas Heather and the Kitchenaid being those two.  The microwave, vacuum cleaner and toaster we have gone quality and extended warranties in the hopes these will serve us as long as possible.  I also got the microwave, vacuum cleaner (dyson oh what a difference!) and heater as floor stock so go them greatly reduced (woot!) and I shopped around for the toaster and kitchenaid and played the 'undercut' game with some major retailers and online stores.
I just want to add that I have not used the dryer the entire winter so far and I don't think we need it.  I'm so pleased with myself!  We've had glorious sunny wintry days over the past week or so which certainly helps. (Good for the outlook on the whole).
So from this next payday (next Friday) we'll be back to docket-watching and tallying. 
How have I been frugal this week?
1.No dryer
2.Stuck to mealplan
3.Made playgroup morning tea for everyone instead of purchasing
4.Baked all snacks for hubby and kids morning/afternoon teas
5.Bought some of Eloise's next years' school uniforms 2nd hand ($5 a piece!)
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Katy on August 7, 2009 at 9:05 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Awesome purchases Liss! You'll have them for years to come!


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