Friday, August 28

FrillyFrugalFriday: The holiday edition...

Yes, we're on holiday as the moment... a driving holiday.   We  lease our car and need to put on 40,000kms a year to beat the tax man slug us FBT so I'd say we'll be keeping this an annual event!  It's practically free travel!

How has this been a frugal holiday thus far?

A 'to go' breakfast for the kids with pancake, berries, dry cheerios and banana.  No Maccas for us!

We packed an esky.  I filled it with:
24 x softdrinks - this will do me and hubby the entire trip - and no expensive drinks at service stations
A cooled baked chicken - cost $6 on sale from local chicken shop.  Had it for picnic lunch along with some bread rolls, margarine, ham strawberries and salad from our fridge/garden.  We bought some extra milk and bread this morning for todays' trek.
A frozen meatloaf, we ate that last night again with salad - it defrosted on the trip up and we just put it in the oven at our apartment.
Frozen scrolls, scones, rainbow cake - all kinds of goodies I've baked over the weeks in portions of 3 or 5, for us as a family or the kids for morning/afternoon teas.

We are also going to check out some local farmers' markets to cut down on the cost of food, whilst sampling the best of the region!

ACCOMMODATION - we're on our way to a friends' 40th birthday in Ballina, but also to catch up with my Aunt who lives in Bangalow (Byron Bay).

We planned to stop in Port MacQuarie - which is a half-way-point each way - and booked a self-contained apartment for us for $105.50 per night for 2 nights via - it's basic and functional.  Perfect really. 

In Bangalow (heaven) we are staying on my Aunt's property which is enormous and is a tourist attraction in its' own right with a rainforest, macadamia and olive farm on site plus a horse, ducks and cheeky dog Charlie (see his blog here) .  (Lyn (my aunt) runs a very successful (and very inviting!) self-catering accommodation with Possum Creek Eco Lodge - Hilltop (3bd house) and two Bungalows (1 bd)  check it out here)

All the accommodations are self-contained on our holiday so no expensive restaurants or room service necessary - no buckets and buckets of washing when I get home either - I can wash there.

Beaches and walking are free!
Of course we've checked out the Big Bowling Ball at Lake Cathie yesterday, and today we'll be checking out the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour.. before seeing the Big Prawn in Ballina,  our country is so funny!
We are looking at going to both Ricardoes (on the way home - that's actually a definite!) and TimberTown (time permitting) which  both seem affordable and fun!

How do you save money on holidays? (Besides staying home!)  Anyone done houseswapping?  I'm going to look into that!
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