Sunday, August 23

If you're after some fun blogs to have a looksee at:

I've discovered the hilarity of these ones - funny-mummies

VodkaMom. A woman after thine own heart. She loves vodka! I mean, why wouldn't you combine motherhood and vodka? Sounds perfectly normal to me! Witty and painfully honest... she pokes fun at herself, her life and her kids (with love of course). and there's just enough seriousness to make you think... My recommended post here.

Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom - a mixed bag really - I enjoy her posts that talk about her life and misgivings as a mother - cracks me up. recommended post here

Those with multiples will love this site 'You've got your hands full' british Mum of fraternal twin girls and journo/author Linda Jones shares her feelings and findings on life with multiples and life with kids in general.
recommended post here
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