Tuesday, August 25

Kids' book review: The Lamington Man

We got this book last week from the Scholastic book club - so glad we did.   In fact the first day we got it, I read it twice!

What's it about?
It's about a lamington man who comes to life and leads Molly, her cat, the next-door neighbours' dog on chase to the river where a cunning crocodile awaits.

What did we love?
It rhymes and it's catchy and the kids can repeat the 'run, run as fast as you can' bit. 
It's got a few hidden giggles for parents
Illustrations are fun

Author: Kel Richards, Illustrations by Glen Singleton
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: RRP $14.99 (purchase here $12.37)

Takes about 10 minutes to read.  Great for ages 2-6.
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