Sunday, August 16

Let in a light!

Have washed all my windows today - and in this house - that's alot!!  Floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the loungeroom, the dining room and all the bedrooms.  It's tough work but you know what? It looks SO good.  It's amazing how windows can let the appearance of your house down!   Cleaned all the sills too.

A squeegee with an extender handle or the threading to put a broom handle in is perfect.  The squeegee should also have a brush/sponge/both on it too - that saves loads of time.

Forget paper towel for touch ups - use a teatowel.  Better for the environment too.

I clean my screens with a dustpan brush and then wipe with a cloth dipped in diluted lemon oil (to deter spiders)

Getting on top of the spring cleaning - that's a big job out of the way!
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PinkPatentMaryJanes on August 17, 2009 at 11:03 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Snap! I cleaned mine this weekend too. I've got a chamois-type cloth that I wet and clean with - and then use an old linen tea towel to wipe dry with. I think I need my sunglasses to enter my kitchen now - it's dazzling in there. Such a satisfying job.


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