Monday, August 10

My bedside table...what am I reading?

Well you might know, it's actually new - and yes, hubby has forgiven me!

As far as what I'm reading at the moment - as part of the Blog This challenge this week I'm going to confess.... I don't even REMEMBER the last time I read a book cover-to-cover. I mainly 'read' non-fiction books these days - cookbooks, reference books, magazines.... I just don't have the staying/memory power or time to read a novel!

But what I'm reading:
Authors: Prince Thane I love this book - My Mum bought it for me for Mothers' Day and it's been my constant companion ever since.
A guide to all the developmental milestones of childhood – physical, emotional and cognitive – covering ages 3 to 14.
I love the insight this book gives me into my three little ladies, something I will be referring to this a lot in the years ahead!

And lastly, but not least...

How to Eat - Nigella Lawson

I'm re-reading this - I've had it for ages but I'm actually reading some of the chapters. It's such a great book - if you're just beginning in food or you're a long-time food lover - this book is a must!

Now, the books I mostly buy and read - these would be the bedtime books I read to my girls - I'll go with the current favourites:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
I don't really need to read it at all - she's got it memorised - and maybe that's the attraction but that said she loves the illustrations too.

Ping Pong Pig
This is a cute book about a pig who gets up to mischief on his farm and learns the value of helping others - who says pigs don't fly?

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
I now feel like Marcus and Mary the candy makers are part of our family! It is such a great story and the illustrations are beautiful too and I need to mention too that it is AUSTRALIAN - you can visit Sue Whiting's blog here and see her current/past and upcoming works!

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Bec Hem on August 10, 2009 at 7:04 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

jam! i love jam!
and anything by nigella, too :)


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