Thursday, August 13

Shameless Plug!

Everyone knows someone who has heart issues right?  Unfortunately heart disease and heart-related health issues are right up there with the most common causes of death.  In fact, just this week my hubby's cousin at 42, has had bypass surgery..  He has a wife and two young daughters which can't help you but think about life and how much we sometimes take health for granted.

By total co-incidence the same day we found out hubby's cousin had been admitted to hospital, my Dad sent me an email asking if I could support him in some fundraising for the cardiac unit at Cairns Base Hospital.  Dad is going to ride his bike 330kms next month over 3 days in a bid to raise his target of $3,000 of the $250,000 needed to buy an ultrasound machine.

He knows how tight budgets are these days, but $5 is maybe not even 2 cuppucinos these days, or maybe the Sunday papers but every bit helps - Dad, I and most importantly the Cairns Base Hospital Cardiac unit will be very grateful. You can do it by creditcard online or even paypal! Click here to read all about the ride and Dads' progress, you can also donate from this page if you wish.

Thank you!!
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carly_grace on August 13, 2009 at 7:15 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

wish i could help but i really have no spare money [not even enough for all my text books] but i might see if we can spare any. my boyfriend had a hole in his heart that they didnt find until he was 13. he had surgery and its fixed now but he always worries something else will go wrong with it.



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