Wednesday, August 5

The long-time friends and family of mine will certainly freak out at this!

I'm organised (well try to be) and when checking out the local school uniform requirements I started to do a quick add - about $700 in uniforms for the year! *gulp* so I resolved to make use of the uniform shop early and accumulate the school uniforms for Eloise for next year sooner rather than later  - and on that note the year after when our remaining two girls Laura and Olivia start school.

So today was our first visit.  Surprisingly the second-hand uniforms were in pretty good condition, but seemed rather small!  And a tiny $5 each for summer tunics and $10 for winter ones.  Cheap huh?

So for $97 today:
1 new summer uniform (size 8 - too big for now, but give her 2 years she'll be in it)
2 used summer uniform (Size 6 - to be worn next year)
1 used winter tunic (Size 8 - big big also but will grow into it)
3 second hand zip-up winter sweatshirts (Size 6 - bound to lose these)
1 new school hat

I think we did well!  Next week I will go back and get a new size 6 summer/winter uniforms now I have a better idea of sizing!

So this afternoon all three girls have been parading around in the uniforms (torturing me!)  Ahh won't be long now.  18 months from now they will ALL be at school.  That's a bit surreal!

Look how chuffed she is!
Cheeky misses!

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Nisha on August 6, 2009 at 1:28 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Oh my goodness! Eloise looks about 7 years old in that photo! I think im going to cry when i see N in his uniform!


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