Sunday, August 9


It's been a busy weekend on the whole really - yesterday we started our spring cleaning - I oiled the outdoor teak table and scrubbed the tongue-and groove exterior off the kitchen, the screen door and the big kitchen window - also have the outdoor seating cover soaking. Hubby did his best to distract the little ones by planting our peach tree and lemon tree in the ground - they were in pots but it's getting ridiculous upgrading the pots every year. He also spent a good amount of time playing on the trampoline with them - he informs me his back and abdominals are paying the price today.

Today hubby went to visit his cousin in hospital and we tagged along as far as Randwick and headed to the Entertainment Quarter. I haven't been there with the kids (OK maybe Eloise was a young bubba) since it was all called Fox Studios...

What we loved:
Playgrounds - FREE
There are 2 playgrounds for kids - one for the 4-5+ and one for 1-4's...
The 1-4's playground is fully fenced and both have adequate seating for the adult supervisors.

The Kidz Zoo - $5 per child
This is excellent value and the animal handlers were super-friendly. There were ample animals to keep everyone happy and they were friendly well-loved animals. The two handlers were very invested in them and were quick with information and encouraging to the children to experience them. We had one little kid (goat) who took a particular liking to our girls (Paprika I think his name was) and I really think he like the colour red. We got our full $$ worth and were there for well over 30 mins with patting of bunnies, chicks, guinnea pigs, piglet, lambs, kids, duck, goose, alpaca and pony. Thoroughly recommend the trip for that.
The Kidz Zoo is there from 11-3 Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Fun Mirrors - Free
Other activities include: Ice rink (throughout winter) Imax Theatre, Saturdays there's a fresh food market, Sundays there's a mixed food/craft/toys/accessories market.

My frugal tips to the EQ:
  • If you park in the carpark you can validate the ticket at the market place so you get 2 hours for free. You don't need to buy anything to do that.
  • Pack a picnic, there's ample spots to sit = no food expenses
  • If you're going to pay to anything, make it the Kidz Zoo and a go on the carousel - that's $3 per child.

  • Bring Scooters or bikes - there's space to do that too.
  • Miss the area with flying chairs and inflatable castles etc. It was $15 per child for 30 minutes! I called it a 'rip off' in front of the kids - for about an hour after they kept begging to go on the 'rip off'. It was amusing to me anyway. It only cost $1 less to go to Lollipops Playland about 100metres away for as long as you want! 3 children, $45 for 30 minutes? I think.. no.
We then headed to Clontarf reserve for the Manly Councils' Dogs' Day out.. quite by accident! Will have to go next year and this time plan it!! We're exhausted! Baked beans on toast for dinner tonight!

Can't believe the weekend's almost over!

What did you get up to?

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2 lovely comments:

Chantelle on August 9, 2009 at 6:57 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

That sounds lovely. I wish we could have made it for a play with the girls (and you).

Our weekend: We went to the markets yesterday at EQ and picked up goodies and flowers. Then went out to dinner. Today we went down the beach for City2Surf and then finally got home this afternoon in time for a sleep for Miss Lacey. x

Beth on August 10, 2009 at 11:11 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Those are some great tips. I will be checking out the zoo for sure some weekend soon!

We had a quiet weekend mostly at home but it was still fab and this weather? DIVINE!


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