Wednesday, August 26

Word-to-the-wise Wednesday - Kids' craft for handmade gifts

Have you got your fathers' day presents sorted yet?  I'm still working on mine but really need to get things sorted! 

With Christmas coming up I'm looking at some home-made gifts - it's more personal, made with love and kind to the back pocket.  I've bought some supplies at Edex, and I'll be getting some more - here's some of my ideas (Mum if you're reading, please close the window!)

Keyrings - got a favourite family photo?  Or maybe just one of the kids?  Make keyrings for everyone!
These cost $9.90 for 10 key rings.   Edex also have them in in rectangle and heart shapes also.
I'm a big fan of Envirosax - the take with you shopping bags but I think it would be nice to make some too.  Some with handprints of my girls:

Large Library bags are $27.39 for 12 bags (41cm x 37cm)
Biocolor Fabric medium - $13.09 each
3 colours of Biocolour paint (of your choice) @ $11.99 each

Total = 76.45 for 12 bags/gifts = 6.37 each

If you're fund-raising for preschool or playgroup, this might also be a good idea as a fundraiser - sell bags for $10- $15 each.

You could also buy some transfer paper and print your own photos on your inkjet printer and iron those on!
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Kylie @ The Rockgarden on August 26, 2009 at 7:53 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

eeek thank reminds me, i gotta get gifts organised for my class (year 1/2 kids). great ideas, thanks.


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