Wednesday, September 2

Chores and kids

Our kids are generally in a pretty good routine when it comes to cleaning up after themselves. I've made it a point to ensure they've tidied up their own activities (within reason) after they've finished, help me clean their room, put their dirty clothes in the laundry baskets (yes, they get the right ones mostly!) and put their plates etc in the sink after dinner.

But when we were visiting with friends last weekend, we noticed a laminated 'chore chart' on the fridge for their almost 5 year old and 7 year old. It included stuff like setting the table and putting glasses of water on table for dinner, and I *think* feeding their dogs. Hubby and I latched onto that idea and we're implementing it immediately! It's not that our kids are lazy or even expect to be waited on but understanding everyone has a job, and needs to pitch in does a lot for their co-operative skills and independence too, not to mention taking responsibility.

So here's our list of chores (they will change over time but this is it for now)
Setting the table (breakfast and dinner)
Help feeding Dougall (breakfast and dinner)
Help Mummy hang out washing (passing pegs, taking empty laundry baskets back to laundry)

That way, everyone has a job every day.

Here's our chore chart:
If you'd like my excel template, leave your email address and I'll email it to you :)

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1 lovely comments:

Katy on September 3, 2009 at 9:23 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Yes please! I've definitely been thinking about implementing a chores chart for my 3 too. It also makes them feel useful and part of the family!

I'll be adding - dog poo due for my 5 year old once a week too (hey, take the good with the bad!!).


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