Tuesday, September 1

Good morning springtime...!

Although this last week has seemed much like summer! (between 24-29 daily) I've caught my first bit of sun, and we're headed home this morning - back to the spring cleaning and getting our spring gardening happening.

I love spring, it's my favourite season of the year. I love the weather gets warm without getting too sticky, the blooms are out and it's gorgeous in the garden... our house is made for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle so the house gets a happier vibe about it too. I'm sure as a whole we'll have some happier moods all around. Spring cleaning continues outside and starting inside next week.
I love daylight savings, just over a month and we'll be having dinners outside, barbeques on a regular basis..
The weather people say it's going to be a warm spring.... but also high risk of bushfires, so best I start looking at home and contents again given we are surrounded by National Park.. hmmm.. any recommendations?
Inspire me, what are your plans or what do you love about spring?

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