Thursday, September 10

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to Rina's blog today - she's hosting the Make it from Scratch Carnival this week:

Did you know you could use the humble lemon as a deodorant?  I didn't!  Miss Thrifty tells us how and some other fantastic and practical uses for a lemon.. it's that time of year here, coming to end of citrus harvest!

I also thought you guys with summer upon us would want to see a floppy sunhat crochet pattern - RecycleCindy makes hers out of plarn (recycled plastic yarn).  It's very cute!

There's tonnes of other submissions, including Rina's own Chocolate Mayo Cake! 

And a wee little EXCITING announcement, the make it from scratch carnival will be regularly presented here at Frills in the Hills!!  Every fourth Tuesday of the month... so Aussies' get submitting and keep visiting!
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