Monday, September 14

Meal Plan Monday - it's that week again...

It's that 'empty the coffers week' where we try and use up anything perishable or meat in the freezer to make room for our monthly bulk shop next Saturday.

Monday - Roast Lamb (with a twist, I will show you later in the week :) )
Tuesday -  Home made Pizza
Wednesday - Sausage Hotpot
Thursday - Lamb Cassoulet
Friday - Cottage Pie
Saturday - Home made Hamburgers
Sunday - something that takes my fancy at the butchers! :)
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Amanda (frugalmama) on September 14, 2009 at 5:28 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

hey liss,
sounds yum! i sooooo need to get back to basics with everything - blogging, twittering, mp monday, budgeting, dieting - you name it and i haven't done it (except all the bad stuff !!!!) i even missed the farmers growers markets last weekend - they have fab organic eggs and organic milk that i get every 2 weeks. i need a rocket up my you-know-what!!! i'll keep reading your blog for inspiration!!


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