Thursday, September 3

Reality Bites: Exit stage left...

Megan - oh my goodness 'Oh I was so like Johanna when I was like, fifteen'. Good lord would someone PUNCH her? First Challenge this week was to cast a model for a Zac Posen shoot. Megan unfortunately won that.

Main challenge was to interview a designer of a new collection and showcase it in a fashion show, then document it for the Magazine. Given that Anne (editor and boss-lady) usually does this, the pressure was on. Megan chose Johanna as her team member "because it's not really about styling, but writing" and shafted her room mate and gay-boy Dyshaun with arch-rival Ashlie.

Dirty tricks ensued when Dyshaun and Ashlie snaffled all the shoes, and left boots for Megan and Johanna. Pretty funny.

Dyshaun and Ashlie put on a pretty good show until the wardrobe malfunction - and then it all ended up a bit all over the place. Megan and Johanna's show was better run, however the use of the boots were not missed by Anne and Joe. Oops.

In the end it was Ashlie who was fashion roadkill this week and I think her competitors were more surprised than she was. So it's down to Johanna (my fave) Dyshaun (please go home) and Megan (please fall off a cliff) who apparently has a melt-down next week.
Project Runway Australia
What an amazing episode. My favourite episode yet. William had ME in welling up and fanning away tears. Bless his cotton socks!
$500 budget. Create the showstopper piece for J'Aton collection. Create in 5 minutes. No problem.

Seriously, one sequin on the other J'Aton pieces is worth $500. And OK, it's 20 hours but SERIOUSLY. Scary. stuff.

I love the way Anthony says HOT. It's so... hot. Williams' cut looked amazing from the get-go. Exciting even. Short dresses for Anthony and Lauren, seemed very risky. I thought Lauren was going to wet herself talking to Jacob and Anthony...
Williams' dress I thought was amazing, Much more thought through than the others. The execution was gorgeous.
I liked Anthony's but I felt it looked a bit too gothic.
Ivana. Oh dear. The hood looked like a garbage bag raincoat gone wrong. The dress was OK.
Lauren, didn't get her dress at all. I couldn't quite understand why everyone was loving it, still don't. I hated that bit at he front. Looked like it was there as an attached bag or something!?... still not too sure why she won.
But two of my boys are in the final! So happy about that! Bye bye Ivana, all the best - saw you going a mile off - roll on FINALE!

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2 lovely comments:

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella on September 3, 2009 at 7:54 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Haha if only I had cable, I'm sure I'd be glued to these shows :Ps

PinkPatentMaryJanes on September 3, 2009 at 9:43 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Poor William was so dazzled by the overwhelming beauty of that J'aton designer I'm amazed he managed to create anything. Adored what he did though. Am so in love with William my husband despairs - I also adore Anthony and am totally with you on that 'hot' thing. Whew!


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