Thursday, September 17

Reality Bites: Heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow...

Australian Idol
What the HECK is going on?  How could our Ashleigh be booted so soon?  I suppose because she's not a 19-23 year old male?  The teenyboppers feel threatened by her?  I just don't get it.  I did find it amusing how someone disagreed with almost every critique Dicko gave.  Poor Dicko...hehe.

Suzi Quattro - interesting choice - at first I was little 'huh?' but she did seem to pass on some real wisdom to let's face it, some people who REALLY needed it.

Favourite performance - meh, can't pick one.  Isn't that sad?

Real Housewives of NYC
My opinions have not changed much from last week - Jill is funny in her uptight way... Ramona needs to get her head out of la-la land and stop thinking she's gods' gift... AlexSimon super annoying.   There are times I don't actually mind LuAnn but there is coming close to no time I'm not thinking Kelly thinks her shit doesn't stink and the whole cast are just lucky to have met her.  ick.  And I see next week Bethenny is going to call her on it.  Looking forward to that.

Tabatha Takes Over
Oh I likey.
Direct. Disturbing. Dead Brilliant.

'Why are you crying?  I hate crying, why don't you channel those emotions into something more useful like WORKING?'  Oh how humiliating.  but she had some great things to say, honestly, she really helps these people and is totally OK telling people what they need to hear, whether they like it or not.  It's brilliant seeing that Aussie 'call a spade a spade' come through 'Your wife really does have a stick up her arse at times, you know?'. 

I'm hooked.

Project Runway Australia Finale
OK, so Anthony wins the Rosemount Challenge - at least it wasn't Lauren.

Anthony's stillettos and stockings, and skirt.. that he is WEARING. hmmmm

Simon Locke. Something about him oozes style.
He loved Anthonys' collection. 
Lauren broke his brain I think.. she ditched the orange cowhide.
I *think* Simon was saying to to William to drop the Nanna Dressing-gown fabric...and focus on the beautiful chiffons..?

I was literally holding my breath in the lead up to the show..

First up - Lauren
See-through-y-blacky-cocktaily.  Cohesive.  Loads of different cuts.  Simon was most pleased.

Second up - William
Ohh lala.  ove the red first up .. even Nanna dressing-gown didn't look too bad, but the reds and the pinks were DIVINE.  The black dress with the red bolero (showstopper)got plenty of wows...

Third up - Anthony
With a watering can on his head -I don't think anyone was prepared for what was going to come out.  Innovative, out of the box and truly avantgarde. The last two dresses were both worthy showstoppers.

And the winner is... Anthony!
Pleased for him, a bit sad for William but they both did SO well. Proud of my boys :)
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