Thursday, September 10

Reality Bites: Part 2: Curtains are opening and closing

Finale - curtains are closing...
We open with the final three - Dyshaun, Megan and Johanna.
Dyshaun says he's a trendsetter, People can google Megan apparently and article from Vogue come up, Johanna feels she's born for it.
Grilling with Robbie - Editor in Chief
Dyshaun confesses he didn't know much about Elle when he arrived however he then tells us he knows the Elle woman. Weird.

Johanna was candid, articulate and laid it on the line. Asked a good question, I think she nailed it.

Megan she tells Robbie that she dropped out of college, had a clothes shop, and then quit it - screamed to me that she has a short attention span, and didn't have any questions which Robbie seemed shocked about.

Robbie sent Megan home - she seemed to take it really well... 

Next challenge is to create the cover for Elle using music and fashion icon Eve.
Surprise, the final six reunite (Megan, Danielle (token fat girl) Kate (crazy biartch) Ashleigh). Kate and Megan needled each other and then Megan had a breakdown... couldn't work with Kate and it was just too soon for her really to be helping someone else after her loss.  Was kinda funny to see her lose it after being the darth vader of Stylista.

Dyshaun had no idea how to deal with Eve.  She didn't like the majority of the clothes he had chosen and didn't look impressed for most of the shoot.  This showed in the pictures.

Johanna seemed to tap into Eve a lot better but took it upon herself to make all the creative decisions on her own - Kate and Megan had another spat - both were being ridiculously immature.. meh.

In the end both layouts looked really good. 
Dyshaun was convinced he'd won... with a 'oh, are you nervous? Oh that sucks for you...' with a confession to camera 'it's right here in my hands, I'm about to walk out with it'...he was eating those words moments later when Johanna was offered the Junior Editor position....bwaaahahahaaa.

The penultimate episode - the curtains are about to open..
Down to the final three here too - William, Anthony and Lauren.  I could see the boys being there from the start- Lauren's the only surprise but she has shown some pretty innovative stuff..
On viewing the progress of her collections - stop-breathe-don't-panic was good advice.  I couldn't make sense of it.... but that's nothing new for me lately with Lauren..

I'm not crazy about Williams' colours - but we'll see what happens in the end...

Anthony's is so avant garde, but that tubing?  Leave it at Ikea mate.
Then there's nothing like a surprise challenge and an extra party frock to create.  Not too keen on any of them to be perfectly honest... probably Williams' cut appeals most.  The other two look like they were stuck on with hollywood tape...
And then there's the cliffhanger - who had the best party frock and has it showcased on all of Rosemounts' wine bottles? We don't know!!!  Like houseofturtle said on twitter ' It ended tonight like most of my dating experiences! All show and no prize!'.  Couldn't have said it better myself.

So who's up for Tabitha next week?  Oh I LOVED her (well loved to hate her in a patriotic way - she's an uberbiartch) in Shear Genius.. oohhh.

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