Tuesday, September 22

She's leaving home...

Last week Eloise got to go on her first ever sleep over since she was a baby (we did that once!) with my grandmother, Nanny.  As I waved her off I had a heavy heart... but felt a little ridiculous doing so as she is 5 years and 3 months old and it's not like she's going to someones' house I hardly know right!?  Didn't realise just how attached I am to the kids in a 'baby' sense..!  Now instead of cheering at the front gates of school next year I might be inconsolable.  No.  I will be brave, until she's not looking!

So today, it's Olivia's turn.  She has never been on a sleep over but was so excited it was practically every sentence that came out of her mouth since the minute she got up:
'I'm staying at Nannys' house tonight'
'When's Nanny going to be here?'
'Have you packed my bag yet Mum?'

Nanny arrived shortly before lunch, and we carried on with our Tuesday routine with the exception of Olivia's constant reminding us she had another agenda.
'Nanny are we going yet?'
'Mum is my car seat in Nannys' car yet?'
'How many more minutes?'

We finally got the hint when we saw this:

So it was time to put the seat in the car, take the obligatory 'I'm growing up' photo at the front door and wave her off.  Sigh.

Just got off the phone after bidding her goodnight.  Nanny informs me she doesn't want to come home until after lunch tomorrow.  Righty-o then.  I think someone is loving independence and having a little bit of spoiling.

Laura on the other hand is a little on the lost side - she begged to do the sleepover together (given they are twins) but I explained she could do hers next week - she said that Olivia could come to her sleepover too.  Hmmm..  So far she's doing fine.  Let's see how she goes sleeping in her room on her own.
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Vicki on September 22, 2009 at 10:22 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Awww! That's cute Liss! The last time Talyn had a sleepover we had to go pick him up at 10pm or something because all he wanted was his own bed! Mind you, in Qld, we lived 4kms up the road from my parents and they had him for regular sleepovers from 2 months old. I had hoped to continue that but things change. He's a bit of a homebody now! :) Good luck for next week!


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