Saturday, September 26

Snaphappy Saturday - girls will be ... boys

I swear sometimes I think I'm raising two boys when it comes to Laura and Eloise.  They love dirt, mud, adventure, mischief.

Yesterday, they adopted to new 'pets' to our family.

Meet:  "Skippy" the lizard.

Poor Skippy, Eloise would have carried him around for about 2.5 hours.. showing him around the backyard, building him a bed made from blades of grass and making a water bowl for him out of used yoghurt container.  Skippy even stayed to watch Eloise eat lunch (I know, very disgusting!!)  Eventually Skippy was liberated (accidentally on purpose)

Meet:  Melinda the snail

Melinda went to look for Skippy whilst the kids had afternoon tea, she's a quick snail that's for sure....
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