Monday, September 7

The Vege Garden Update - rotation to spring crops

Well the seasons-are-a-changing!

We've finished our crop of cauliflower, broccoli, wombok, beans, peas, chillies and so over the weekend we pulled the rootstock that was left and turned over the soil, poisoned some of the onion weed and now we'll wait until next Sunday where we'll remove the dead weeds and dig in some compost...

So currently in the vege patch:
Plot 1 - Cabbages - still fattening up, won't be long but they are BIG!  We've fertilised them a bit recently to give them to boost they need to get to the table.
Plot 2 - Carrots - we've been eating these and over the weekend they've been thinned out to give them more room to grow - but they are fat and sweet! Yum.
Plot 3 - Beetroot - only a few weeks left and they're coming up, a few onions left, and leeks have some more growing to do.  There's only one cos lettuce left - there's SUCH  a big difference with eating these direct from the garden... soon to be replenished. 
Plot 4 - Potatoes and some chives and coriander.

Plan for the spring/summer crops (click to make it bigger/readable!)
It's a start anyway!

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