Saturday, September 19

What are your...

Ten favourite memories of the past year? Again, I'm stealing from Linda over at You've got your hands full but it made me think...

In no particular rank or order:

Dreamworld Holiday - first *real* holiday we'd had as a family of five.(Feb 09)

Macadamia picking with the hubby and kids, it was so much fun! (Sep 09)

Catching up with Simon and Nathan earlier this year (Nov 08), should see them more

Seeing more of Mum this year, it's been fantastic (Jun - Sept 09)

Obtaining and using the beloved kitchenaid (Aug 09)

Christmas Eve with my family (Dec 08), was lovely

Birthdays of all my babies (Dec 08, Jun 09), it's wonderful to celebrate their lives

Seeing Billy Joel in concert with Bindy (Dec 08), great company and great concert!

Trip up to Cairns (Nov 08) although hot, great family time

Excitement of Eloise's first orientation at school and getting ad trying on her school uniforms for next year

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