Sunday, September 13

What exactly are you looking for?

I love having a look at the live FEEDJIT feed for my blog - the sheer diversity of geography of you lovely visitors is nothing short of exciting.

I have a lovely visitor from Belgium every day (c'mon and comment!!) who, when I see they've visited, I think 'hello again'.. I hope you're eating lots of delicious belgian chocolate and waffles for me!

I find lots of lovely blogs too, people who have linked me (thank you!)

Sometimes though I find some pretty weird things.  People click on this blog when using a search engine - some recent examples:

Alexandria, Virginia arrived from on "" by searching for how to make cocaine from scratch.
San Francisco, California arrived from on "" by searching for roommate chore chart excel templates.
Palm Beach, New South Wales arrived from on "" by searching for sounds seedy.

Funny huh? 

Thanks for visiting everyone!  xxx
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