Wednesday, September 30

Word-to-the-wise-Wednesday - Live by the list

It seems these days we tend to expect a lot from ourselves.
Be a good friend, parent, sibling, son or daughter, employee, and citizen.

I'm terrible at remember to call people.  I think about it, and it then I get distracted.
There are weeks I let the housework get away from me.  It then makes me cranky and that's not good.

So I'm making lists every week.  5 things I want to achieve this week.

My tips
  • Make your to-do list achievable - if you have kids realise some things you might be dreaming!
  • If you put something significant (like weeding a big garden bed/cleaning out a pantry/garage etc) reward yourself!  A cuppucino, a movie, a facial!
  • If you are seriously overwhelmed, look at oursourcing, get your oven or your windows professionally cleaned, get pizza on a night you want to scrub the bathroom!
  • If you find it hard to get on top of every day housework, what I do is I set myself a few mini-daily goals
    • everyone up, breakfasted, kitchen cleaned, everyone dressed, beds made and first load of washing in the washing machine by 9am.
    • Wash towels on Mondays, Alternate linens 2 beds one Weds,other 2 beds other Weds, bathrooms Tuesdays and Saturday mornings,dusting Mondays and Fridays mop floors Wednesdays, Vacuum Tuesday, Friday, Sunday etc
    • If you have kids that are old enough to do simple or household chores, draw up a roster and share the load.

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Anonymous said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I love my lists - I have a daily list of house related tasks and tasks that are for myself. It is always a good feeling to cross off the items :)


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