Monday, October 5

Cashless Lunch Orders? What do you think?

Looks like in the near future that the humble brown paper bag folded up with a bunch of coins going into the laundry basket will be no more....

You will have an online account with your school canteen and order your lunch-order online, according to the report today on

Now part of me thinks 'woo-hoo!'  I'm up for anything that saves time and the use of technology.

The other part of me is a bit 'ohh..but...'
Lunch orders is to me a bit of a rite of passage, a bit of independence for your child, and I fondly remember putting my lunch orders (a special treat on Mondays when there was no fresh bread baked on a Sunday) in the special basket at the canteen.  My Mum and I would sit down and work out what I would have and when I was old enough I used to write them out aswell.

What if, as a busy mum, we forget to put the order through?  'I'll do it when I get to work'.. whoops.  Nothing like knowing your child has left with their lunch order in their pocket.

Apparently the move is motivated by children getting their lunch money stolen or using their lunch order money to buy food from the local takeaway....

But this is where the world is heading.  I use online shopping more often than not.  Kids will be able to order their own lunches online, we as parents just need to top up the account with the credit card..
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Little Blonde Riding Hood on October 13, 2009 at 8:53 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I can see how it would be a good idea (especially when you never have cash on hand like me) but....I will miss seeing the little kids walking to the canteen with their washing basket :(.


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