Tuesday, October 20

ChristmasCovets: Rhubarb

I know, I know! Christmas is something you probably don't want to think about - but it is going to be here sooner than you think!

Rhubarb always has stylish, modern christmas lines, and this year is no exception.  This year it's all about Reindeer, I love it!   Rhubarb is sold at all good homestores, and online - check the Rhubarb site for your nearest stockists.

Dasher set of 4 cotton napkins, $24.95

Dasher sack (50cm x 70cm) $29.95

Dasher  stocking (cotton) $19.95

Advent calendar (felt) - add your own little coins or rhymes, cookies or even christmas decorations!

Dasher silver coloured metal ornaments set of 6 $14.95

Dasher mini-chef set for kids 3pcs $29.95

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