Thursday, October 15

Reality Bites: Bat your eyelashes ladies!

The Apprentice Australia
The big slice of the pie - well it was an interesting episode - Carmen is still being underhanded and fluttering her eyelashes and practically applauding everything Mark Bouris says.  Sabrina this week was fluttering her eyelashes at Gavin, the girls' project manager this week.  It was just icky.  In fact, that whole girls' team could get sponsorship from a mascara manufacturer!

Team Aventus had their act together, Team Pinnacle were a mess.  The outcomes were not unexpected to be honest.. the infighting was interesting and amusing. 

Real Housewives of NYC
Kelly, Kelly, KELLY.  Get your shit together.  Honestly.  If you want to be the Mum that does the Halloween thing with her kids how about you NOT schedule a party for the same night and leave your guests to pay for their own drinks and wondering where the heck you are?  Decide what you are!  You have made Bethannys' point for her I think.  And when she said 'well I had to keep it a bit modest because you know, I'm a Mom'. Um, you wore a wide-stitch crochet swimming costume on your invitation and came to your party dressed as a playboy bunny honey!!  I hate to think what you might wear if you weren't a 'Mom'

Did anyone think that LuAnns' trip to the shops to spoil her daughter was a little umm... odd..?  She ended up shopping for herself?  Jill proved herself a socialite with a head and a heart with the work she's doing with charity.  Love that.  Ramona.  There is no way on the planet I would buy anything that Ramona was involved with but seeing her do her spiel for HSN I'm thinking 'this is where she belongs, talking CRAP about CRAP.

Rachel Zoe Project
I'm starting to see Taylors' point.  I love Brad more every week.  Rachel is now starting to tell every designer how to design.. what is with that? New York Fashion Week - shows, schmooze and suck up.   I loved Anne Hathaways' gown at the Oscars and like last week, I loved seeing it all come together.  But seeing the dress on the hanger makes me wonder if Anne even eats?

Tell me does anyone know what the heck Rodger actually does?

New Zealands' Next Top Model
I found myself watching this thinking 'well we have to remember the population is small, so the budget would also be small'.  Some of the castings wondered how much was for entertainment value and how much was actual modelling potential. 

Sara Tetro seems to have it as far as host-material is concerned and the model-turned photographer Chris is gorgeous but Colin...? Where did HE come from?  Wa-wa-Nee?

The girls, hmm the girls.  Some real biartches, some princesses, some labotomy victims, and some seemingly normal girls - the regular NTM mix. 

Celebrity Masterchef:
Who would have thought fish-boy Eamon Sullivan could cook?  Not me!  Anna and Simon did really well too, I'm actually quite impressed with the calibre of all the celebrity contestants this season!  When they give the choices for the Pressure Test each week I find myself gritting my teeth and looking with one eye open!  They look so HARD.  But hey!  It's got to be right?  That duck had me wanting to lick the screen!  (Not a good look huh?)

Tabatha Takes Over
This weeks' episode was such a step up.  I felt myself encouraging these 'scissor sisters' to get their acts together and instead of being frustrated and annoyed with them I started feeling empathetic and wanting them to succeed and Tabatha did certainly gave them what they needed to blossom.  Very uplifting overall!

The Fashion Show
The week of the shoes - ooh beautiful shoes!  All the contestants were asks to design an outfit inspired by the designer shoes the models would be wearing. Reco and Daniella bring it again this week - I loved Recos' design and I'm not surprised he won - however some real stars are emerging and I'm starting to see fashion rather than personalities.

Below is Daniellas', Johnnys' and Recos'

and the losers' Andrew...

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