Wednesday, October 21

Reality Bites: Sour taste in ones' mouth?

Celebrity Masterchef
Loved Celebrity Masterchef this week.  Loved it.  Funny that Alex makes Spanakopita the same day I put the recipe up on my blog.  (Delicious by the way!).  Thought it was pretty gutsy of Wendy to put up Rabbit, and Simon Katich having no sense of smell?  That's gotta make it tough!

I don't know what that green stuff was that Wendy dished up, but I wouldn't have eaten it.. looked like something from the paediatric ward. Having Stephanie Alexander as the guest judge - how fantastic!! I love her. Love, love LOVE her.  I probably would have gone with the same pressure test option - though I can already make lemon curd, that does help!!

It was almost comical watching those layer cakes coming out to be judged, it was like the pompeii of layer cakes on show - lava-like curd, everywhere.   Alexs' was a bit tart, found that amusing on a few levels.   Simon can't make jelly, but he won anyway.....

The Apprentice Australia

Our teams descended upon Mudgee and I think it was obvious from the outset who was going to win.  Mary-Ann is a winner where there's food and beverage concerned and I think she has some pretty shrewd business acumen quite frankly, nice management style.    I can't see what Heather has to offer to be honest.   I think perhaps she should have gone instead of Blake. But then again, Blake whinges behind the scenes, doesn't articulate his opnion properly and then almost sabotages the team effort.  I think Heather or Gavin are going next...

Real Housewives of New York City.
Here I go on my Kelly rant again  - what is up her arse!!??  The whole rolling eye-huffing-puffing-"I won't indulge you Bethanny"-bulldust.. it's a bit OTT - obviously very threatened by Bethanny and what I think is absolutely ridiculous is she's feigning that she's the mature one. What the hell?

I think even the Countess is realising Kelly's a superficial superbiartch.

AlexSimon are funny.  The whole showing off the bottom floor of their house when the other two or three levels are construction zones?  I mean, you're sleeping in bunk beds people with no proper bathroom but your 'reception rooms' are decked out to the nines.  Priorities?  All for show much? hmmm. amusing.

Thank goodness we didn't see much of Ramona this episode.  Brilliant, would like more of those please.

Exciting to hear of some developments in Bethannys' life -engaged AND having a baby.  Best of luck to her - some happy times ahead (and she doesn't have to marry her gay hairdresser either!)

The Fashion Show
It was all about designing for real people this week, it certainly wasn't a comfortable medium for a few! What's with Jonny? 'I don't really deal with 'real people''.  Umm that's who the market is dipshit!  Maybe he should go work with Karl Lagerfeld?  Interesting challenge.
Fave looks: Daniella, Lidia

Dog look:  Keith, Anna

Tabatha's Salon Takeover
I love this show - Tabatha's got real star quality but this weeks' episode wasn't really doing it for me.  Not at all.  The owner was shitting me to tears (and quite obviously Tabatha also) there was just no hope really.
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PinkPatentMaryJanes on October 22, 2009 at 5:16 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I need to make that amazing salmon number from MasterChef one night. Must google recipe!

Tabatha wasn't quite up there this week - but I loved her advice on being a boss: "Would you chase after someone who stole your purse?" well it's the same thing chastising those who aren't doing their job. Also, I coveted that full black skirt she had on.

Can't believe that the one person who had a whizzy about designing for 'larger ladies' managed to actually create a flattering and covetable dress. Damn. And wow, that woman was brave having her hip-measurements broadcast to the world - even I don't want to know what mine are!

Housewives - my new addiction...


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