Tuesday, October 20

Top Five Tuesday: Packet Biscuits

Was talking to Kir yesterday about packet biscuits and her love the good 'ol Arnotts Kingston and got me thinking... what is my favourite?  I don't buy many these days as I generally bake... but here's my fave:

1. Gaiety - Lovely wafers, honey chocolate.mmm
2. Chocolate Hob-Nobs - got onto these when I lived in the UK.
3. Honey Jumbles - a fave of mine as a child, never grew out of it.
4. 100's and 1,000's  - again, a childhood favourite
5.  Mint Slice - Frozen.mmmm
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1 lovely comments:

Katy on October 21, 2009 at 12:22 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Oh, I love biscuits!!

Mine would have to be
1) Kingstons
2) Tim Tams
3) Malt sticks
4) Saviordi's
5) Oreos.

But seriously, I could probably name TEN favourites! LOL. mmm....


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