Tuesday, October 27

Top Five Tuesday: Places to go within 10km radius - play along!

This may take a little bit of thinking but it doesn't have to be somewhere exotic, it can be in your house!

Here's mine:
1. In my garden  or my kitchen on a spring day just relaxing
2. In bed watching a movie.. or reading.. without interruptions
3. Bayview with the kids in summer - we go swmming, it's a kid-friendly inland beach

4. Church Point- great little RSL, catch the ferry, laid-back - love it.. oh to live there!

5. Bonds Nursery - good for lazy sunday breakfast - it's got a playground attached so the kids can play and we can talk!  Gardening inspiration, great little homewares section..  You could walk around for hours, it's enormous.

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Katy on October 27, 2009 at 1:01 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Depends, can I do at the crow flies? It's a fair bit to anywhere here!

1. Westfields. Shopping, coffee, movies!

2. The Entrance (just as the crow flies). Excellent for kids with playground, water playground and attractions.

3. My gym. For my 'me' time!

4. Tuggerah Lake - great for walks, bike riding and BBQ's.

5. My kitchen!


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