Monday, November 16

Meal Plan Monday - Moving into the warmer weather

....and I'm loving it, but it's like I'm learning to cook all over again!  There's some meals I make all year around but there's many others that are seasonal for me.  Lots of salads, barbeque meats, easy preparation meals because there are times where the kitchen is the last place I want to be - you want something in-and-out of the kitchen so you can be out in the sunshine.  Also, right now there is so much produce readily available and in season - just enjoying them in their simplest form is often the most satisfying.

So here's our Meal Plan this week:
Monday:       Bag-lady chicken
Tuesday:       Salmon Patties and caesar salad
Wednesday:  BBQ Pork Ribs and Potato salad
Thursday:     Spanakopita and Pasta salad
Friday:          Satay Lamb Kebabs on rice/with salad (depends on weather)
Saturday:      Homemade Pizza
Sunday:         Beef Sausages with chilli jam and leftover salads..

PS: If you want to see where and who I went to dinner with last wednesday - click here
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