Thursday, November 5

Reality Bites: Everyone's losin' it!

I'm back !  Last week no reality bites, I was off doing my pink ribbon morning tea.. it's nice to be back in un-reality-land!

Everyone's losing it this week, some bombshell episodes this week!

The Apprentice Australia -woohooo.. some true colours turn out.  Carmen with the evil stare returned and Gavin-the-game-player played to win.  Something (ok nearly everything) about Sabrina gives me the irks.  Insincere, full of shit, you know, FAKE.

Bye bye Carmen, god knows who's going to employ you now!

Talking of FAKE, Kelly Bensimmon - you need a reality check honey.  Seriously. So much crying, so little (or no) tears.... On the Housewives of New York City Reunion show I think all the girls have got you pegged now, and you're in a world of hurt - bullshit only gets you so far.  What an explosive reunion right?  It was FANTASTIC.  Can't wait for next weeks' episode.. shame it's the finale!

Finales.. sad that the last episode of Tabathas' Salon Takeover - whoah, crazy-loco - an owner who had multiple personalities and talked about herself in the third person.  Poor Tabatha not only nearly vomited but had to get a clinical psychologist to help her sort through the emotional rubble.  Whoah.  I will really miss this show - so glad there's a second series happening as I write!

Celebrity Masterchef  - Few surprises...  Fuzzy can cook, Alex Lloyd is dyslexic, Peter Rowsthorn, funny in real life.  Fuzzy's calamari salad had my tastebuds tingling. mmm... refreshing.   The dessert - whoah.  I would have loved that challenge as I'm all about icecream at the moment!  Off we go to semi-finals!
Kirk Pengilly, Eamon Sullivan, Michelle Bridges, Simon Katich, Rachel Finch and Alex Lloyd.
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